About Us

Thoughtpost began as a provider of custom software solutions and consulting services in 2004.

Originally, the name Thoughtpost came from an idea we had for a software product, something similar to a blog that would let users "post their thoughts".

Not long after, a little platform called Twitter was created, and the whole "post your thoughts" thing seemed to be covered.

We spent the next 13 years building our company, creating a number of successful software products for our customers, and developing a deep skill set for enterprise, cloud based development.
In 2018, we created our first software product, the ChatStyle platform.

We believe that messaging applications are a powerful way to communicate with your customers, and we are committed to building the best platform available to make your vision come to life.
Chris Dix is the founder and chief developer of Thoughtpost. Chris has over 20 years of experience developing software. He is also an author and has spoken at conferences for Microsoft, O'Reilly, and VSLive.